FSI Technologies Inc. has been a trusted, engineering oriented manufacturer of automation products and electronics since 1959. FSI manufactures a full line of rotary optical encoders, photo-electric sensors and controls for use in industrial applications.

FSI Machine Vision brings that same extensive engineering and scientific expertise to bear in solving complex machine vision applications. FSI can provide complete machine vision automatic inspection systems, consulting, training, and components.

We are partnered with NeuroCheck vision software, EVT Smart Cameras and vision software, and Kwangwoo encoders. We were formerly known as FSI / Fork Standards Inc. Read more about FSI.

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FSI Rotary Optical Incremental Encoders, Fork Standards encoders EyeSpector Smart Camera FSI FireCube Jr, FSI Machine Vision

“Fork Standards” cube encoders, Kwangwoo encoders, custom designed, and special order encoders and sensors. For replacement or OEM applications.

When you only need components, FSI offers selected high quality machine vision components.

When you need a system, FSI has the knowledge and expertise to engineer a guaranteed solution for your Machine Vision application. We can provide

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